WilmaScope is a Java3D application which creates real time 3d animations of dynamic graph structures.

Currently supported features include:

- Edges as springs (with adjustable natural lengths)
- repulsion between nodes
- long-range attraction to the origin
- "field" orientation for directed edges
- a planar force to squash graphs onto z=0
WilmaScope graphs can be twiddled interactively, but their most useful manifestation is as visualisations of data from other programs. WilmaScope has a simple CORBA API; the IDL file is in src/WilmaChat.idl and examples of WilmaScope clients written in Python are in the scripts/ directory

Wilma was originally created by Tim Dwyer, with valuable contributions from Peter Eckersley and James Cowling. Thanks also to all the people who offered advice, criticism, documentation and moral support.

Wilma is released under the LGPL, get the source from: SourceForge Logo

Wilma is now available in handy Debian GNU/Linux packages !

If you download and use Wilma to do something interesting please let us know and send us any funky screenshots which you may have and don't mind us adding to the screenshots page.

If you're interested in helping out with the Wilma project we need:

Wilma snapshot

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